About Us

 Ultimate Duct Cleaning is a local independent South Dakota air duct cleaning company whose main business is indoor air quality.  We are based out of Gettysburg with two fully equipped enclosed trailers, one for Watertown, Brookings and the surrounding area and one for Central S.D., including Pierre.  We're insured and do have an Dunn's number for our CCR.  Calls for all area's are forwarded to Bryan at 605-224-6900 & we thank you for taking time to visit our site.  "Got Dust, Call Us!"  

By now, most of you are aware of the need for regular cleaning of your heating and air conditioning air ducts.  Commercials on TV and radio run almost constantly, telling you about the risk of dust, mold, and bacteria  in your air ducts.  Those ads are right:  dirty air ducts can lead to dust circulation in your home and can make allergies flare up in your family.

Duct cleaning companies are not all the same, though some would like you to think they are.  Before hiring someone to clean your air ducts, there are some things you need to know.  Some companies offering duct cleaning services are just doing duct cleaning as a sideline to their other business and trying to fill in times when they're not cleaning your carpets or installing new windows or siding.

If your air ducts need cleaning, you need a company dedicated to that job.  You need expert technicians with the training/experience and equipment to do the job quickly, economically, and properly!

Some duct cleaning companies just blow air down your ducts and vacuum up whatever comes out and call that duct cleaning.  It isn't that simple.  The accumulated debris inside your air ducts is often firmly attached to the walls of the ducts and can't be removed so easily.

Proper duct cleaning requires an assessment of the condition of the ducts, then selecting the best method to remove the accumulation.  A proper duct cleaning should involve a powerful vacuum system and high pressure air to remove the debris from your air ducts.  Sloppy work can actually loosen the debris without removing it, leaving it to circulate through your home after the duct cleaning worker is long gone.  When making your critical decision of choosing a professional air duct cleaning company, it only makes sense to call Ultimate Duct Cleaning.  "Got Dust, Call Us Today!"