Mobile Home Cleaning-Steps

(1) Vac Is Setup Outside The Mobile Home

 We set up the vac outside the home. 

(2) Special Mobile Home Hookup

 We normally hook up to the duct with a boot adapter 

(3) Whips Are Run Through The Vents

 the whips are worked down the trunk line to stir up the debris 

The Fan Blower From The Furnace Is Cleaned With Chemicals

(4). Mobile Home Furnace

(5) Fan Blower Is Removed From The Furnace

(6) Fan Motor Is Removed From The Blower

(7) Fan Blower Is Then Cleaned

(8) Blower Compartment Is Then "Air Washed"

Cleaning The A-Coil

(9) Dirty A-Coil

(10) Coil Is Being Cleaned

Can you see the Difference?

 We then clean the A-Coil, which many times is plugging if not already plugged, especially if there are pets in the home.