Secondary Heat Exchanger Cleaning


The secondary heat exchanger, in high efficient furnaces, are a very important component to have cleaned.  In most cases, this part looks much like a small radiator (some have a baffle style exchanger which looks much like dishes setting in a dishwasher) and 100% of the air blown from the fan must travel through it during both the heating & cooling seasons.  Plugged or secondary heat exchangers that are starting to plug "will reduce air flow" in your home/business.  Many times customers will comment on how much more air is coming out of their vents/ducts (or how a room now cools/heats so much better) after we've completed the duct cleaning and the cleaning of the secondary heat exchanger.  Not all systems need this process, but many will.  Many times by looking at the fan after an air washing, we can get a pretty good idea of what the secondary heat exchanger looks like.  Good news for the customer is, we can handle the process for you at a nominal fee.  Just one more reason for calling Ultimate Duct Cleaning today!

Furnace Compartment

Fan Blower Is Removed From Furnace Compartment

Fan Motor Is Removed From The Blower Housing

While Washing, Sheets Are Used To Absorb The Water/Soap

Fan Blower In Need Of Cleaning

Cleaned Fan Blower

With Blower Removed, We Can Get To The Secondary Heat Exchanger

During The Process Of Cleaning The Secondary Heat Exchanger

Partially Cleaned Heat Exchanger