Residential Cleaning-Steps

(1) An 8" Access Hole Is Gained

 We will cut an 8" or 10" access hole into the main supply & return ducts near the furnace.

(2) 8" Hose Is Hooked Up To The Return

 This hole provides a hook up point for the high velocity HEPA vacuum. 

(3) The Furnace Area Is Blocked Off With Cardboard

 The furnace filter is then blocked  

(4) Vents Are Blocked Off Using Paper To Increase Vacuume

 some vents are sealed off to maximize airflow. 

(5) Each Vent Is Then Cleaned Using Special Air Whips

  A Viper Rod (air hose) is snaked through each branch (secondary) duct while high pressure air blasts the debris from the inside surfaces of the duct.

(6) 1" Holes Are Drilled To Allow Access For Special Air Whips

 1" holes are drilled into the main trunk (duct) line for the insertion of Viper Rods & special air whips. 

(7) The Main Trunk Line Is Then Cleaned

 The Main trunk line (duct) is then whipped and air washed. 

(8) The Process Is Repeated On the Supply Side

The process is then repeated on the supply side of the system.

(9) The Blower & Blower Compartment Is Then Air Washed

 The coil, blower, and blower motor are all air washed. 

The 8" Access Hole Is Sealed With A Steal Patch

  The 8" access holes are then sealed with a patch made of heavy gauge sheet metal.  Drilled holes (1") in the ducts are then plugged with plastic plugs.  All captured debris has been removed from the home through the (8" or 10") vacuum hose.